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Welcome to the Laverda 750 SFC web site. In these pages I will attempt to regularly bring new things about these fascinating and rare Laverda racing motorcycles.

Hundreds of enthusiasts around the globe treasure them, some as a monument, some as a bike which serves them regularly because they still are fabulous and rewarding machines to ride.

If you own an SFC or know the whereabouts of one, please contact us or ask the owner to contact us, discretion is guaranteed, we only do it because we are fascinated and devotedů

You will find pictures of SFCs as they look now and as they looked in their big time, the early seventies.

Items about restorations, maintenance, interesting technical aspects etc. are things which may show up in these pages so come back soon to enjoy more SFC excitement!

E-mail me your reactions and suggestions.

Me and my Laverdas
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Learn more about the various batches built in the period 1971 - 1976:

There is more, please come and take a look!

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Raduno SFC 1990 saw the biggest gathering of SFCs ever.

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