11000 BATCH

The 11.000 batch one can call the ultimate drum brake SFC. They are a beautiful combination of the impressive drum brake SFC and the slender lines and higher finish level of the disc brake model which was to follow in 1974.

This bike lacks the original rear mudguard and fairing.

Most important difference of this batch was the 'under the engine' exhaust system which no longer limited the ground clearance. All drum brake SFCs were fitted with amal Concentric carburettors but along the years they have been replaced by Dell'Ortos on most machines. Dell Ortos ar emore sophisticated, live longer and make the engine run smoother. Amals are better full throttle though!

This SFC has the 'peashooter' megaphone system fitted.

The 11000 batch had several parts which were unique to this batch, the centrw stand, the fairing, the footrest plates and the rear brake pedal. The spindles in swinging arm and rear wheel were thicker than those of the 5000 and 8000 batch.