18000 BATCH

This batch has become known as the Electronica because it was fitted with a Bosch electronic ignition. The model is easily recognized by the special primary chain cover. Same as the 16000 batch, this model featured the beautiful 'low boy' frame and three Brembo disc brakes, which was not a common thing in those days. Many more special features make this the SFC which has the most differences in comparison with the roadster models such as the 750 SF2 and 750 SF3 of the time.

A completely original and unrestored Elettronica in Breganze during the 1992 Maurizio Rally

Not everyone keeps his SFC original. Italians just love to drill holes.... This is former racer Micozzi Lauro's SFC.

This is an SFC I recently acquired. See and read more about it here.