5000 BATCH

5000 batch example

The 5000 batch was the very first series of SFCs. Only 20 of these racers were built during spring and summer of 1971.

Most of these machines were factory racers. These SFCs brought Laverda most of it's victories in the international Endurance circus, which proves that right from the very start they were both fast and reliable.

The SFC was fitted with either Laverda's own 1st series Laverda drum brakes or with a magnesium Ceriani 4 leading shoe front brake in the front wheel and a Laverda brake in the rear wheel. The Ceriani brake was a fabulous brake for racing where the Laverda item would fade too quickly.

The 'dashboard' consisted of a Smiths rev counter fitted inside the fairing. The beautiful aluminium tank was hand made at the factory as were the exquisite 'Campione' megaphones that limited the ground clearance a bit. These bike were really hand made and it shows. Very very special and very sought after….




This picture clearly shows the special shape of the 5000 (and 8000 batch) fairing, the special 'Y shape' fairing bracket (5000 batch only) and the headlight. Also note the front brake cable splitter for the Ceriani 4 ls drum brake.













Both the gearbox- and dynamo cover were cut open for easy access.


This is not a real SFC! It's a plastic model of a 5000 SFC made by Heller. A rare collector's item as well!