8000 BATCH

8000 batch example

The 8000 batch was the second series SFC, but in fact the first serious production run which consisted of approximately 75 machines. This batch was built at the very end of 1971 and the first days of 1972. Still a bit crudely built racers, these machines had many modifications compared to the 5000 batch. All lessons learned from the highly successful 1971 season were put in this model. The tank was made of fibre glass and the exhausts had longer down pipes which created more ground clearance. The engine was now fitted with a proper close ratio gearbox. The 8000 batch was fitted with the 2nd series Laverda brake. The colour pictures show studio pictures of the 8000 batch prototype and the B/W picture shows part of the produced bikes lined up in front of the factory before the were shipped to eager buyers all over Europe. Most remained in Italy, others went to Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany etc. Two bikes even went to Canada. Most, if not all, were used in either endurance or production racing.