More about me and my Laverdas.

In 1976 I bought my first Laverda it was an SF 2 in standard trim with only 9000 km on the dial and looked like this:

All standard and boy, after 4 years of dreaming I was the happiest motorcyclist on earth.

Boy were we cool on our superbikes!

Since I had been dreaming about SFCs for years also, my first trip to Breganze saw me return home with an SFC tank and seat! The riding position with the standard footrests was not ideal but at least the looks were good.

For the summer vacation to St Tropez (where else to go?) the SF2 made a metamorphosis: almost standard trim and Krauser panniers gave us more comfort during the 3 weeks of touring (always good for minimum 5000 km) which traditionally included visit to the factory.

In 1980 I decided to give the SF a new exhaust and a different colour - white. I also bought an official (now very rare) Laverda rear set.

That summer things went wrong and on our summer trip to France we had a nasty crash at the periferique of Paris... That was the end of the hobby for two. From that time on I could always leave the SFC seat on....

An original fairing followed, a front mudguard, Paioli shocks (expensive but real junk....) SFC oil filler, SFC pistons, 6/C cams etc etc. Can't get closer to the real thing, kept dreaming of a real SFC of course....

and then when the SFC dream was fulfilled, the good old SF remained as the work horse, but over the years the fairing was removed and some enhancements were made, the latest being the JMC swinging arm, a work of art from England that works a treat with the WP suspension. 

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