More about the Registry

The SFC Register started in 1986. Larry Strung and Tim Isles were both restoring a drum brake SFC, and letters flowed across the Atlantic as ideas were swapped, for in those not so far off days the drum braked SFC was, and still is, a rare sight in North America as well as the UK. In researching facts, other owners came to be known, and Larry floated the idea of a Register, with the aims of recording surviving bikes, and building up a pool of information on the machine. Advertisements in magazines promoted the idea, and word of mouth spread the idea further. Larry maintained the Register, and came up with many ideas for promoting it - mention must be made of his very talented wife Catherine, who has designed some fabulous T-shirts to mark the various SFC meetings at Breganze - and put out the first newsletters.

Newsletter 2 was printed in 1987 Newsletter 5 was printed in 1990

Fellow enthusiast Marnix van der Schalk joined forces in 1990. When Larry stood down from running the Register to make more time for his family, Marnix was the natural successor to take over from Larry. The number of SFCs which we found around the globe so far is impressive and more bikes are found/reported monthly. In November 1997 the number of registered SFCs was an overwhelming 389. With a total production of 549 SFCs from 1971 to 1976 there is more to be found so keep your eyes open for us.

750 SFC the book The book "750 SFC" 1995

The book '750 SFC' written by Marnix and Tim over a period of more than 5 years of research represents the sum total of the information gained during the Register's existence, and the authors thought it made for a logical step to set down the knowledge we have accrued. We see it as some kind of ultimate newsletter.

The Register hopes to remain a focal point for information and advice on all aspects of the machine, as well as being a forum through which owners and enthusiasts may exchange ideas. This web site is a new dimension for the Registry which enables us to bring a 'living' newsletter.

The offer is always there for advice too, be it when hunting down spares, or prior to buying a bike, or whatever.

Assen 1977. Marnix dreaming about owning an SFC and so he is taking pictures of them.

13 years later his dream was fulfilled…