With the SFC, orange became the standard colour of Laverda's racers.

Some were pure factory racers, such as the 1000 cc triple factory racers built from 1972 through 1975 and of course the fabulous V6 in 1978. 1978 also saw the Formula go in production. The 500 Formula was a real cup racer based on the 500cc DOHC 8 valve twin.

In the eighties, Laverda did the same with the LB UNO, a 125cc 2-stroke which is a less spectacular bike than the 4-stroke racers of the seventies, but just like the Formula 500, good for very close and spectacular races.

Bol d'Or 1974 - The factory prepares one triple factory racer for this race. The frame is a mix between standard 3C frame which was modified at the rear, and that of a late SFC. Just look at the swinging arm which was also used on the triple endurance racers that followed in 1975. The man standing next to the bike is chief mechanic Nino Caretta.

Here's a picture of a three cylinder factory racer which was probably taken end of 1974. We see the first version of the space frame. Note the pickups of the electronic ignition. The machine is equipped with three absolutely gorgeous megaphones. It is very well possible that this engine contained a 120 degree crankshaft since three coils are fitted. If anybody knows more about this exotic version I would love to hear it!

The picture below was taken during the first tests with the 1975 triple works racers.

Barcelona 1975 - two of the three triple 'space frame' triples at Montjuic. Marco Lucchinelli is the man standing under the 29 sign. He was one of the riders. Others were Brettoni, Gallina and Fougeray.

Below: same bike but in the paddock at the Bol d'Or 1975.

These racers had a duplex chain.


Needs no introduction, here it is pictured at Montlhéry in France where Augusto Brettoni rode it in May 1997. Everybody who was so lucky to be there was stunned, and I was maybe the luckiest. Read more about the V6 in Stephen Battisson's pages (see links).

Brettoni in the banking at Montlhery '97 I'm riding it! I'm really riding it!

Brettoni letting the V6 howl at Montlhery. Yeah and I did too!

500 Formula

In 1978, the first batch of Formulas was constructed, here is that year's model pictured with it's loud meggas, blue stripes and tank/seat combination. Pictured at the RAI show in Amsterdam.