24 hours of Oss 1969

Piero Laverda on the 750 S 750 S factory racer in the paddock next to the 'motorhome'

This is where it all more or less started, at the 24 hours of Oss, June 1969. Laverda sent three 'factory racers' which were in fact slightly modified 750S models. Laverda still had many lessons to learn, but they learned fast and very soon they were to become a big name in the international endurance racing scene. The man sitting on the Laverda racer is a young Piero Laverda who was still student at the time and always could be found as part of the Laverda factory team. His brother Massimo actually raced the bike together with Augusto Brettoni, they finished 4th. The bearded man with glasses standing left of him is Dutch star rider Hans Hutten. Click this images to see them larger.

24 hours of Oss 1970

An impressive line up of Laverdas at the start

Is that an impressive line up or what? The start of the 24 hour race was big time for Laverda with their SF factory racers. The finish wasn't bad either, Laverda finished 1 (Brettoni/Dossena), 2 (Hutten/v.d. Wal) and 3. Somers/deLaat). Click this image to see it larger.

24 hours of Oss 1971

Another victory at Oss, this time Laverda celebrated the victory of Hans Hutten and Sergio Angiolini (riding under the fake name Angelo Trebetti). The picture shows three factory SFCs at the start


24 hours of Barcelona 1971.

The Laverda team before the start of the race. From left to right: Borel/Schreyer, Brettoni /Angiolini and Cretti/Wittich. Augusto Brettoni and Sergio Angiolini won the race, Bruno Cretti and Ron Wittich finished third and Borel/Schreyer 4th…. Laverda Olé!

24 hours of Le Mans 'Le Bol d'Or' 1972

Lapping just as fast as during the day, Gallina does all he can to regain the lead in the race but 5th place was all he and Brettoni could reach after numerous small technical problems. They were forced to retire after 15 hours of hard work… Click this image to see it larger.

1000 mile race Imola 1973

In the summer of 1973 Laverda sent all three of their unique '73 racers to the 'Mille Miglia'. These machines had magnesium crankcases, an alternator, a very special cylinder head with smaller valve angle. The chassis was in fact a prototype of the 16000 batch SFC which was going to be produced the year after.


24 hours Spa 1973

24 hours of Francorchamps 1973

An 11.000 batch SFC of the Team Bevilacqua in the pits. Note the crash bar! Very handy but not very racey! Click this image to see it larger. Don't know who the riders were of this bike. Does anybody have the results of this race????

This is Piet v.d. Wal at the 1973 6 hours of Zandvoort. He and Jan Strijbis won this race, which was the last victory in an International Endurance race for a Laverda 750SFC…. This bike was an interesting mix because a 1972 drum brake model had been fitted with the front forks and wheel from a 1973 factory SFC thus creating a bike with disc brakes in the front wheel and a drum brake in the rear wheel, a combination which was common on Laverda road bikes (the SF2) but never on an SFC.